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How OptiwAI can interact and improve your organization activities?

OptiwAI creates an ecosystem that provides automated photo quality improvement service for an entire organization without investment or set up charges.

The effectiveness of modern communication depends on the speed and efficiency of delivering that information, both internally and externally.

Perfection on photographic and image material preparation, is often time consuming and can be difficult to balance in a rapidly changing business environment.

Using new technologies to improve image management automation, OptiwAI provides a fast and efficient image enhancement processes based on the use of artificial intelligence.

It can be applied in many aspects of the company’s communication, helping to build a positive image of the company and supporting marketing activities.

E-commerce Online Sales

Why customers are evaluating visually the selected items first, before moving forward with details?

What are the revenue growth opportunities?

Eye catching pictures with sharp details underlines the value of your product and/or services.

We aim to capture audience sight and influence the buying decision process.

The best way to increase product sales in the internet is to deliver outstanding product visual presentation.

Ultimately, let the customers spend more money and grow our revenues.

Creation And Publishing

Why image quality is admittedly a requirement?

Why time becomes so critical factor in the creation nowadays?

The modern cross media publishing, where information lifespan is quite short, we face tiny deadlines, peaks in closings, last moment changes every single day. We need to coop with it. Therefore, any aid and automation in the image enhancement is highly welcome.

Especially for the content shared across multiple output media such as web sites, a social media and even an old fashioned print, each requiring a custom touch. When we can seamlessly enhance up to dozen of images in a minute, deliver them in fully integrated environment with systems and workflows, including DAM, editorial, CMS, we have the optimal solution.

High productivity with short time constraints, which used to involve high labour power in the past, with our new approach allows to reprioritize activities to these which makes your creation value. Consequently, the organization is increasing efficiency and competitiveness.

As the organization has to care about our social relationship like never before as it gives access to large audience.

The nature this new form of broadcast underlines importance of the visual form over the text. Publishing content on social media must follow with appealing photos.

They have to be tuned for the target and aim for perfection. Yet this is difficult to achieve as they come from diversified source, including diverse smartphone cameras. Only high-end technology offered by OptiwAI can alter them good enough and fast enough to keep normalized, high quality with the low effort.

Perfect for:

Events Web, Social Media

How important is to share images with high quality details look?

We care to capture, optimize and store as many images as possible.

Important moments in our life history related to work – conferences, trade shows, gatherings, company parties as well as private – birthdays, weddings, graduate, celebrations and many more, all are always being memorized by thousands of images.

We love to share stunning moment in all occasions by quality photos and make all participants always look great!

Seamless DropBox and Google Drive integration with OptiwAI allows us to handle the entire process with few click and immediately enjoy the quality images. Consequently, we are proud to post perfect images and receive appreciation.

Portals For Pre-Used Items

How we can achieve a fast sale of a used item?

Car, house, just anything we wish to sell at this moment of our live, or we are sharing, e.g. accommodation.

In many cases we are replacing an item, e.g. a car, becoming a seller and purchaser at the same time.

E-commerce online stores present all their products and services supported by high quality images, understanding their visual value during the purchase.

People would expect from the portals to offer an image optimising online solution, where we can visualize the instant quality improvement of the posted images.

As a consequence, we shall receive the purchaser’s higher attention and fast buying decision.

Hence, we shall accept the value of the posted ad, trust the portal for future offerings, simply be loyal.

OptiwAI is tailored to match all the requirements to build a long term co-operation with portals.

Gift Vouchers

Employees Benefit Gift Voucher Program

Why to consider offering your employees a gift voucher to use our cutting-edge AI powered photo enhancement service?

Extend your cafeteria benefit and staff loyalty program!

Happy people want to share their experiences online today, thus, the stunning photos to share with family, colleagues and publicly are now more important than ever.

The historical pictures of family events or extraordinary places visited, taken a years ago are worth restoration and enrich to make them shine again.

People can use this gift voucher (free credits) to process their digital archives or social media entries to add a new level of experience like only professional in photo retouch can achieve.

The offer can be adjusted to specification of your benefit program as prepaid or postpaid options and personnel individual needs.

Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Gift Voucher Program

Why to consider offering your customers a gift voucher to use our cutting-edge AI powered photo enhancement service?

Extend your loyalty program by this option!

The vacation memories are one of the most important in family live photo archives.

With the credit on use of our photo toning and retouch services, supported by latest discoveries in AI and machine learning technologies, can be a perfect addition to ultimate tour, sightseeing or photo sessions taken in exotic, romantic or extraordinary places.

Even for these images that were not perfectly shoot the service we do can put a new live in, makes your customer to feel like a professional photographer even without an expensive equipment and years of experience.

As the tour operator or travel agency, including the gift voucher program in the catalogue, makes your offer more attractive and unique for potential customer.

It also makes your clients to feel you take care of them even after they already return back home, which can turn them into a next sale with bigger loyalty factor.