What is OptiwAI?

OptiwAI is a fully automated processing engine, powered by AI technology, designed to improve quality and visual perception of delivered images.

Final optimisation result is just a visual improvement, without changing or modifying true context of the image.

Optimisation process is a combination of widely used standard enhancement operations like: Color Balance, Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Curves, Levels, Exposure, Vibrance, Selective Color, Threshold extended with cutting edge AI algorithms and technologies providing Dynamic Range Correction, Image Inpainting, Multicultural aware natural skin tones correction, Progressive shadows and highlights correction, Professional colors balance management, Specialised correction for low quality images and many more.

Technical Requirements

Supported file types:
Input/output file types: jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, gif (single frame), bmp, webp, ppm, ico, pcx
RAW input format: dng (converted to .tiff format at output)

Supported color spaces:
CMYK, RGB, RGBA as input, RGB, RGBA as output.

File sizes:
- Up to 20 Mpx for Pay As You Go option
- Up to 80 Mpx for Annual Subscription
These values can be modified – in that case please contact us at

Access type:
- Web interface
- API (documentation, examples, packages are available out of the box for all registered users)


Image processing security:
- all received images are treated confidentially and properly secured
- they are not shared, not published and not used in any other way than OptiwAI is allowed to
- all file transfers are properly secured by using encrypted protocols (SSL, TLS), methods, secured keys and tokens
- they are stored on our cloud services only for max one hour after upload for processing

Privacy and security rules:
Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions

Specified technical security questions:
Please reach out to us by e-mail

How To

How OptiwAI manages the language preferences?
OptiwAI user guide
OptiwAI Dropbox integration guide
OptiwAI Google Drive integration guide
OptiwAI Zapier integration guide
OptiwAI custom workflow guide
OptiwAI Gift Vouchers guide


How does it work?

No matter you use Web interface or dedicated API the process is very fast and robust and for end users it looks like:

Uploading image -> Automated quality optimisation by AI powered technologies -> Downloading image.

Simple as that.

Does OptiwAI support print?

Yes, it does. All images are optimised for digital usage with applied standard sRGB IEC61966-2.1 output ICC profile for all processed images. When used in a page layout software for print design the appropriate profiles are applied in the high-res PDF creation process.

What are the system integration options?

We have a robust API for connectivity into any other systems, portals, or services.

All registered users have full access to API documentation, installation packages and ready to use examples built-in inside your account.

API usage examples on your account are shown in a different programming languages like: Java Script, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C# and with additional generic example.

In general provided API is very simple and powerful because of that – it is just sending and receiving images to the processing engine gateway.

How can I manage users within my account?

You can set unlimited sub-users connected with your account using built-in administration panel.

How OptiwAI manages the language preferences?

OptiwAI interface is by default in English. Please see the short guide instruction for changing the language from English to your preferred language. Click here.

What about storage availability?

OptiwAI is not a storage system. We offer 1H storage for all of the processed images as time for download.

Where I can find more details about the annual subscription and outsourcing services option?

Please send your inquiry to or use webpage contact form and you will receive detailed customized information's.

Do you offer promotional image credits?

Of course, after completing your first purchase a free image credit will appear in your account.

What if I have other question?

Please reach out to us by e-mail

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