How OptiwAI manages the language preferences?

OptiwAI interface is by default in English.
Please see the short guide instruction for changing the language from English to your preferred language. By following the steps, you can easily handle the change.Watch video.

  1. Click the "Languages" icon on the left side of the screen.
  2. The following view will be displayed:
  3. Click the button: "Click here to download translations pack".
  4. The file will start downloading in the format of json.
  5. Open the file in any text editor (we recommend using the Notepad program).
  6. Please type in your translation text strings only.


    "After changing active language you need to refresh the page to see updated translations"
    replace with:
    "Po zmianie obecnego języka odśwież stronę, aby zobaczyć zaktualizowane tłumaczenie"

    "Active language"
    replace with:
    "Wybrany język"

    Notice please do NOT modify any other fields and file structure.
  7. When completed the translation, save the json file and upload it to the system.
  8. Select the "Custom", click "Save".
  9. Refresh the page.
  10. We are happy to answer any questions, please contact: